Kids' magical, little friend PINKFONG!

PINKFONG is a lovable, little fox filled with curiosity and imagination who loves music more than anything. He can overcome all kinds of difficulties with friends by using his starlight necklace that holds magical powers.



Play and learn through songs

Songs can connect kids with the world. Kids can learn about the world and create memories with their families through songs. Therefore we create songs that combine education with play. It's time for you and your kids to sing and dance with PINKFONG!


5 principles of creating PINKFONG

Kids should have fun

We make sure that the songs we create are fun. Then we think about how to also make them educational, because we believe that kids learn best when they are having fun.

If we dance, kids dance too

We create songs that make us dance. It is the only right way to create truly engaging songs that can entertain the entire family.

Creating songs is like making books

Applying the methods of curriculum development, we make songs like how we would make books. Our songs are filled with educational content, following the curriculums that are carefully designed based on various themes and subjects.

It's all about colors and music

We use bold, vibrant colors to stimulate children’s vision development and fill our songs with rich sound and playful music to amplify children's brain and emotional development.

Satisfying kids' curiosity

We touch on a variety of fun subjects kids love, including dinosaurs, cars and Halloween, and we deliver them through various medium, such as songs, videos and interactive games.